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Executive Leadership Coaching

Master your (self) leadership skills by learning to empower

Agile Transformation Consulting

Guiding leaders towards an agile company culture

Personal Branding Workshop

Positioning female professionals to be seen for their uniqueness

Imagine that everyone at work is fully motivated because of their way of working and the trust, autonomy and appreciation they feel

“Great people want to work with inspirational leaders, who role-model authenticity, trust and empowerment”

In volatile, uncertain times, it is crucial to think, act and lead agile:

The new role of leaders is to empower their team members to find solutions, make decisions and work self-organized.

My Passion

Sustainable mindset change and personal growth toward a ‘healthy’ work environment. And that we are the change, we want to see in other people.

My Belief

Leaders have such an impact on the motivation of their team members. Trusted, for their unique strengths appreciated employees, will always always be more motivated.

My Track Record

Working, leading and developing businesses and global leaders since more than, 25 years, virtually since more than 15 years.


Agile Leadership

Per the ‘9 Principles of Agile Leadership’ of the Agile Business Organisation are great start for any senior executive or manager engaging in the work of transforming their organization into an agile one.

Enable people to work how they want, where they want, when they want – unleashing their full potential

Most effective leadership ought to be human-centered using skills of empowerment instead of directing. Imagine that your direct reports are fully motivated, because you allow them to work within their unique strengths and you trust them on how they work.

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